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Soul Collective Energy Healing

Erica Cook - Reiki Master

Creator & Owner of Twenty2, LLC

Upgrade your life through energy cleansing, chakra rebalancing, and soul-purpose activation.

Are you ready for a breakthrough??

The VIP Soul Collective is THE community where profound transformations happen.

Did you know that every negative experience stores itself within your light body and prevents you from successful relationships, financial abundance, and personal happiness?

Only a tiny fraction of humans know this and the VIP Soul Collective is here to change that!

We're unlocking the secrets to the Universe
(minus the fear of the unknown)


This is not a one-and-done experience. This is a journey of releasing and growing. If you are not prepared to release and step into your Divine Power, then this is not for you.

By joining the VIP Soul Collective you are giving me permission to remove your blockages and retune your chakras every month. If you re-claim your lack, anger, or anything negative after the session, you will receive it right back and be back to where you started. YOU determine your success. We are here to release and never look back.


All you do is relax and open yourself to release. I will do the work. There is nothing for you to log into; no Zoom call to attend. Just relax and enjoy an hour of peace while I work on elevating your vibration.

You do not need to log in or attend any boring Zoom call or annoying webinar. It's all done remotely while you relax or just enjoy your day. You will receive an email with further instructions after registering.

Here's how we are unlocking your Divine energy flow and Activating your soul-purpose energy.

Whether you are just starting your Spiritual Awakening or if you're looking to push through to higher levels and unlock your natural abilities.

As a Reiki Master, I will call in your light body energy to examine each chakra collectively and remove any negative and unwanted energy that you are ready to release.

***Remember, I cannot take anything from you that you are not willing to release.


I will then act as the conduit between your physical body and the Divine to pump the brightest, most loving white light into each chakra, optimizing you for manifestation.


And as an added bonus, I will use sound frequency to further activate your chakras and your soul-purpose energy, which will awaken what has been lying within you all this time.

tuning forks_edited.jpg

On the 7-7-7 Portal event, we had over 1,000 participants! Here's what they said:

Grand Opening SALE!!

You are here at the perfect time because the VIP Soul Collective is discounted by over 82% for new members! (Original price $44)

This is a limited opportunity and is closing soon.

What is included:

  •  Monthly Energy Healing

  • Reiki Chakra Balancing

  • Sound Energy Activation

  • Soul Purpose Activation

  • Session Replay

  • Access to our Private Community

  • Locked-in discounted price

**Cancel anytime through your profile

Energy cleansing and activation sessions will be announced via email at the beginning of every month. Each session is 1+ hours long. It's best to resting, but not imperative. Check your email for further instructions after registering. And read the FAQ below.

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