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From Beginner to Reader

Tarot Apprenticeship

Unleash Your Inner Psychic with Our Live or Self-Paced Classes!

Unlock the Secrets of Tarot and Transform Your Life

Watch this sneak peek of what you can expect!

Dive Deep into the Art of
Tarot Reading

Our program isn’t just about learning the meanings behind the cards. It’s about connecting to your intuition, understanding the subtle energies, and mastering the art of giving readings that resonate on a soul level. You'll learn to:

  • Connect Intuitively: Tap into your inner wisdom to deliver messages that inspire and heal.

  • Read with Confidence: Whether it’s for yourself or others, gain the skills to provide accurate, empowering readings.

  • Create Impact: Witness the transformation in your life and in the lives of those you read for as you bring clarity and guidance.

Embark on a 12-Week Journey of Discovery with Erica

Join Erica as she guides you through the sacred and transformative practice of Tarot reading. Over the next 12 weeks, you'll explore the authentic, time-honored techniques of Tarot, distinct from the fleeting trends and superficial approaches often found on social media.

This program is designed to deepen your understanding and sharpen your skills responsibly and profoundly. As you progress, you'll naturally unlock and enhance your psychic abilities—a process to be approached with respect and seriousness. With Erica’s expert guidance, you’ll not only learn how to read the cards but also how to connect with the deeper, often untapped energies they reveal.

What Our Apprentices Say


Join Us and Start Living Your Dream

Embrace the opportunity to turn your passion for Tarot into a fulfilling career or a powerful tool for personal growth. With our Tarot Apprenticeship, you're not just learning a skill; you're discovering a new way of life. Ready to transform? Enroll today and be the guide others seek on their journey.

Choose Your Path to Tarot Mastery: Live Classes or Self-Paced Learning

Live 12-Week Classes: Connect, Engage, and Grow Together Dive into the dynamic energy of our Live 12-Week Tarot Classes! Each week, join Erica and a community of like-minded learners in real-time. This interactive experience not only allows you to receive immediate feedback and guidance but also offers the opportunity to practice and discuss readings as a group. Ideal for those who thrive in a structured, engaging environment, our live classes will keep you motivated and connected.

  • Interactive Sessions: Ask questions, get answers, and engage in live discussions.

  • Community Support: Learn alongside peers who share your passion for Tarot.

  • Regular Feedback: Benefit from Erica’s insights and tips in every class.

  • Includes Tarot Certification

Enroll Now for Only

5 Payments of $289.80

Fall Classes: August 27, 2024-November 12, 2024

**Spots are extremely limited and fill fast!

Live Classes are held on Tuesdays (@7pmCST) via app. (You will be directed there during enrollment)

Self-Paced Module: Learn at Your Own Pace, On Your Own Terms Prefer to learn at your own pace? Our Self-Paced Tarot Module lets you absorb the mysteries of the Tarot whenever and wherever works best for you. With access to the same comprehensive curriculum, you can take your time to deeply understand each lesson, practicing and revisiting the material as needed. This flexible option is perfect for anyone balancing a busy schedule or preferring a more solitary learning journey.

  • Flexible Access: Log in and learn anytime, from anywhere.

  • Self-Guided Practice: Take the time you need to practice and perfect your readings.

  • 82 Lessons that take you from Beginner to Reader.

  • Access all course materials and video lessons at your convenience.

Get Started for as Little As


Offer ends soon!!

Live and Self-Paced lessons cover:

  • Intro to spirituality and tarot

  • Code of ethics

  • Connecting with and caring for your deck

  • Numerology

  • Symbology

  • Dreams

  • Astrology: Zodiac Signs and Planets

  • Archetypes

  • Chakras/Energy Healing

  • Colors/Candles

  • Meet your Spirit Guide

  • Archangels/How to work with them

  • Oracle Cards

  • Major Arcana Cards

  • Minor Arcana Cards

  • Tarot Spreads

  • Create your own tarot spread

  • How to build your tarot business

  • FREE Tarot pdfs for you to keep and create your own Tarot journal for lifetime use.
  • EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to private group chat for current students. (Live Class students only)
  • LIFETIME ACCESS to classes/replays for both Live and Self-Paced.
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