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Relationship Insight Reading (via email)

What Inner Child triggers are affecting your relationship?

  • 61 US dollars
  • Via Email with Mari

Service Description

**This session is by email only. This is a wonderful tool to help you uncover hidden pain and triggers to aid you in healing a relationship or healing from a relationship. Clarity is power. For your Relationship Insight Reading, you will need to submit a photo or two of you and this person to receive the best insight. If you cannot provide photos, Mari will just need their full name and birthdate in order to connect to the correct person. She will then pull in psychic messages regarding the connection you are asking about, as well as she will pull an oracle spread to reveal your Inner Child truth, along with the other person's Inner Child truth in regards to the connection/relationship. And together you will have insight and clarity on your connection and why things happen(ed) the way they do/did, so you can decide what your next right step will be. This is NOT in attempt to change the other person. This is to gain clarity to the connection and what are causing tension and/or pain triggers so you can take control of your own healing and path. In the email you will also receive a mantra, as well as a journaling prompt to aid you in moving forward towards healing. ****AFTER YOU BOOK YOUR READING YOU WILL NEED TO SEND YOUR PHOTOS TO SHE WILL THEN PULL IN PSYCHIC MESSAGES, PULL ORACLE CARDS AND THEN SEND YOUR READING TO YOU WITHIN TWO BUSINESS DAYS. WHEN SUBMITTING PHOTOS, PLEASE TRY TO CHOOSE ONES WITH NO GLASSES AND NO FILTERS. SHE NEEDS TO BE ABLE TO SEE YOUR EYES.

Cancellation Policy

All cancelations MUST be requested BEFORE your scheduled day. Otherwise, all sales are final. All sessions are for those 18 years or older. All sessions are for entertainment purposes ONLY and are not replacements for medical, legal, or financial advice.

Contact Details

  • United States

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