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What is Reiki?

Rock Balancing

When anyone asks me this question I always reply, "Reiki is like going to the chiropractor, but for your energy chakras." 

When your chakras are out of balance and not functioning properly it greatly affects the energy flow within you, which then affects certain areas of your life and health; depending on which chakra is blocked or overworked. MANY physical ailments can be attributed to your chakras being out of alignment. Just as well as MANY personal issues can be attributed to the same.

Reiki is pure energy work. And since energy knows no bounds, Reiki is able to be performed at a distance. This allows me to help more people than those who are just local. Also, it allows me to connect with you more since you are comfortable and relaxed in your own, personal space.

How Does It Work?

When you book a Reiki appointment with me we will decide, together on a good day and time for your session. It will need to be a time (1 hour) where you can relax, unbothered. You can even be asleep! I will message you to let you know I've begun and then I will message you once I have completed your session. Along with your completion message, I will also include any notes I've taken on what I picked up during your session, which could include information regarding blocked chakras, physical feelings I picked up and/or messages from Spirit. Every Reiki session is unique, so what you experience may differ from someone else. 

Your Reiki session will consist of me energetically examining each chakra individually to see which are under-active, which are blocked, and which are over-active. I then revisit each one and clear out any negative energy that may be attached. After that is completed, I act as a pure energy conduit and pour loving, high vibrational energy back into each chakra. And your session is complete!

How often does this need to be done? As often as YOU feel is necessary. You know your body better than anyone.


What Is The Cost And How Do I Book A Session?

A Reiki Session is $125

You may pay for your session through PayPal:

or CashApp: $EricaCook22

Once you have done that, please email me at to schedule a date and time.

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